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Cryptonomy is a simple, easy to use tool designed to help you encrypt your text fast and easy. The application can accept both RichText Format (RTF) and Unicode/Plain Text making it ideal for use in email. Use your email client or any text based application able to handle either format and can access clipboard to encrypt or decrypt the textual content from within that program. The simple use of two hotkeys is all that is required. Cryptonomy uses the clipboard as a transfer medium and is operated by using global hotkeys. It is designed to make optimum use of both system and selected hotkeys. It does not interfere with the normal usage of clipboard but it will of course replace anything already on the clipboard. Please refer to the Usage and Limitations section of the manual for usage and limits of features of this application. Version 1.4.2 Change Log: Added clipboardCopy to change encryption key. Version 1.4.1 Change Log: Increased a max line count on RichTextFormat (not full screen). Fixed a crash that could occur when typing a character with a backspace at the beginning of a line. Version 1.4 Change Log: Backward compatible change with _j for switching language. Backward compatible change with _K for switching from English to French or Spanish. Added encryption key preview to textbox. Added -_-H option to allow disabling of _ in the hotkey list. Added a huge warning against corrupt files at start up. Fixed an issue with indenting RichTextFormat documents. Fixes for Japanese and Greek character displaying issues. Version 1.3 Change Log: Added _LNC parameter to set the filename of the encrypted text to be used as the default text file name (so users can choose different file names at their own discretion). Added W10French, W11French, W14French hotkeys as well as forward compatibility for W10Canadian & W11French (along with an updated translation for the French version). Reduced the size of the default encrypted file to about 100 KB (still large, but users can reduce it). Version 1.2.4 Change Log: Fixed an issue causing a crash when formatting text in RTF. Fixed an issue causing an issue with font colours causing a crash. Version 1.2.3 Change Log: Added S10French, S11French, S14French hot a5204a7ec7

* The hotkey configuration of Cryptonomy Free Download can be changed to suit your needs by storing it in the registry * Several 'Global' hotkeys can be used to perform various functions quickly * When starting or ending encryption the application can be automaticly asked if you wish to encrypt or decrypt * The 'Open Folder' hotkey opens the specified folder for you * The key-board shorcuts are documented to match the hotkey guidelines as closely as possible * No other application is currently interfering with Cryptonomy's registration * If you want to enable Cryptonomy while you're typing in word processors like Word, use the Typing option in Cryptonomy * Cryptonomy can be used in combination with other HotKeys applications * Many more features can be added or changed by other developers - interested in that task please contact me (see below) Cryptonomy Keywords: * Cryptography * Hotkeys * Clipboard * Windows * Global Hotkeys This software is distributed under a Creative Commons License (CC BY). You can use it however you like, as long as you give the original author credit and link the original document back to this website. Cryptonomy Features (select the link for more info): * Help file * FAQs * Key-board shortcuts * Typing options * Advanced options * Code examples * Hotkey documentation * How to change hotkeys * Code-signing * Bug reports Thanks for your time and support. Cryptonym(encrypted text) is a secure program that encrypts text, removes all the user-defined redundancies, and encrypts it with Blowfish algorithm. Create secure and private files, messages, and e-mails. All information is stored in a safe encrypted form and can be easily decrypted by anyone possessing the decryption key. You can encrypt the file with dozens of passwords, remove any information (names, comments, notes, etc.) of a record and many other useful options. Cryptonym is simple, easy to use, secure program! This free software is currently the only good encryption/decryption program for Windows. It has several configurable options for encryption and decryption of files (files can be imported and exported), ID cards, and whole disks with recovery tools. This software is secure because the cryptographic operations used are designed to be correct only if the key is correct. Encyclopedia is the only encyclopedia that is entirely based on the Sütware Hom

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